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Govt. to intensify sterilisation of dogs within JMC limits

POOJA THAKUR Jammu, Oct 2 With canine menace emerging as a major threat to people, the government has started a large-scale sterilisation process to limit the number of dogs in Jammu under Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme. As per the Municipal Health Officer, Dr. Vinod Sharma, corporation is working on a two-pronged strategy of Animal Birth Control (ABC) and Anti Rabies Vaccination (ARV) to effectively and sustainably control the stray dog population and reduce the incidence of dog bites. It is estimated that the approximate stray dog population within JMC limits is between 20,000 to 25,000. A fresh survey for the exact estimation is still underway. Talking to Young Bites, Health Officer, Dr. Vinod Sharma said, "Steps are being taken to reduce the canine numbers in the city by using sterilization and other scientific measures. Additional funds have been sanctioned to speed up the process to stop the canine population". "We are improving infrastructure to speed up the sterilisation process. Residents say that the government should take steps to prevent the attacks on people by dogs, ``We are taking measures to provide a fear free environment to the people", said Dr. Sharma. It is important to mention here that dog menace continues to haunt citizens, particularly late night drivers, who are attacked in packs. The number is increasing at a fast pace in markets, residential areas and educational institutions and they mostly thrive near the garbage dumps. In many localities people live in constant fear and even hesitate to come out of their homes during evening hours. Officials blame the mushrooming of the residential colonies and accompanying garbage dumps in recent years for the massive increase in the population of dogs creating an unpleasant situation in the city.


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