About Us

Sh. Vijay Gupta started this newspaper with a mission and the mission was that the newspaper becomes an asset in making sure that peace and tranquility prevails in Jammu and Kashmir. Though the times were tough yet it surged forward on the mission that its leader had undertaken. From a weekly it became a daily and today is a worthy contestant to take on the best in Jammu and Kashmir and later on in the nation. It was Sh. Vijay Gupta’s dream project and this dream project has become a reality. The four main paradigms of the paper are honesty, sincerity to the field of journalism, Positiveness in bringing forward the ideals of the people (what they want so that the Government lends its ears) and relating actual facts that are happening on the ground zero. Young Bites does not believe in coming up with scoops that ultimately result in nothing, it does not believe in sensationalism or true lies. We relate facts as they happen. The youth love the paper for its variety and the features we carry for the people. We keep a track as to what the people like and what people do not. Perhaps this is the key to our success. While most newspapers are aimed at a broad spectrum of readers, usually geographically defined, some focus on groups of readers defined more by their interests than their location: for example, there are daily and weekly business newspapers and sports newspapers. More specialist still are some weekly newspapers, usually free and distributed within limited areas; these may serve communities as specific as certain immigrant populations. Our focus is on taking along everyone on board. We address a very broad avenue of write ups, stories, articles, features, news that are focus of interest of readers of all ages. The vision is to look ahead with Positiveness and optimism. The paper is a major asset and assist as far as Kashmir is concerned. We cover a broad and expansive positive side of Kashmir and that is why the youngsters of Kashmir love to have the paper in hand. The education page is a major hit amongst the over eager youngsters of Jammu and Kashmir. We are looking ahead and we want everyone to do so.

Editorial Board Profile

Sh. Vijay Gupta Editor-in –Chief Young Bites
Sh. Vijay Gupta a young man with an urge to move forward is the Editor-In-Chief of the Young Bites newspaper published and printed in Jammu and Kashmir. He carried forward the mission of making sure that peace and tranquility prevails in Jammu and Kashmir with his positive attitude as far as his write ups, articles and stories are concerned. His mission is to ensure that the youngsters of Jammu and Kashmir come on right track and the future generations of the state feel safe and secure to carry forward the state. He also is the Director of Chadikala Time TV and Sadhna Television. Very recently he has been elected as the (In charge Jammu and Kashmir) Media Federation of India. He is one man who believes in clean journalism with maliciousness to none. Positiveness and optimism are his forte and on these two paradigms he wants to move forward. He is a principled man and works on principles that he has coined for himself. His positive attitude has attributed to his success so far and he wants to carry it forward with vigor and zeal. His thinking is based upon constructive thinking, creative thinking, expecting success, Optimism, motivation to accomplish your goals, being inspired, choosing happiness, not giving up, looking at failure and problems as blessings in disguise, believing in himself and in your abilities, displaying self-esteem and confidence, looking for solutions and seeing opportunities. He believes that a positive attitude leads to happiness and success and can change your whole life. If you look at the bright side of life, your whole life becomes filled with light. This light affects not only you and the way you look at the world, but also your whole environment and the people around you. If it is strong enough, it becomes contagious. He has a dedicated team in whom he has inspired the principles of leadership. Socially he is well connected and people look at him as a man who is always there to solve their problems and lastly he believes in that great one liner, ‘ Every problem has a solution and it does not take time to find one’.

Rajan Kumar
He is the City Editor of Young Bites and also a columnist as far as Young Bites goes. The man is a sincere worker and is always working overtime to make sure that the news paper moves forward in the way the Editor-in-Chief wants. Once again as the leader of the organization is he is a positive thinker and ensures that the administration runs smoothly. Socially and politically well connected the man his an expert on administrative and political affairs as far as the state goes. He is a visionary who loves to think ahead and pessimism is the last word in his dictionary. He has written on variety of subjects like political situation in the state, environment and culture. A versatile man who can skip into anyone’s shoes for making sure that things are done in an appropriate manner which is always a positive sign for a budding organization. Situation may be any, adversity may be any, he will be found standing like a rock for the organization. He is a man with many feathers in his cap. He excelled in all fields he entered... be it computers, literature and understanding politics or law. He is a “versatile genius”. “Though Rajan is always busy, he always finds time to read and write everyday. He has authored many stories and articles. He has a powerful imagination, profound creativity and a good sense of humour”. No doubt he is an asset for the organization.

Major Kulbir Singh
He is the Executive Editor of Young Bites. This journalist/columnist has worked in many newspapers in Jammu and Kashmir and perhaps is rated as best man to write and lecture on insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir. Perhaps his military background has made him understand the political and military situation in Jammu and Kashmir better than anyone else. He is a hard worker backed with adequate amount of intelligence. He loves making things happen in a positive way. He is one of the backbones of Young Bites organization. Always on the button he loves creating things imaginatively. He began as a free lancer and then suddenly found takers as he was always a talented man. Though he did not fully realize his potential but Young Bites gave him an opportunity to do so and he proved it. Under the leadership of The Editor-in-Chief Vijay Gupta he has ensured that the flag of Young Bites keeps flying high head and shoulders above the others. Again a versatile genius, He always sys to himself, ‘realize it’s possible, instead of telling yourself why you can’t. Become aware of your self-talk. Squash negative thoughts like a bug. Replace them with positive thoughts. Love what you have already. Be grateful for your life, your gifts, and other people. Every days taking on the impossible at times’. He likes calling spade a spade and that is one of his best qualities. His Editor-in-Ch-ef believes that he still has to realize his true potential.