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VIJAY GARG It has been 295 years since the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton passed away. The laws of gravitation and motion that he gave us about three centuries ago, the study of physics in the whole world starts from them even today. From falling of fruits, falling of leaves to the biggest avalanches of the world can also be understood by these rules. Even today the sun, moon, stars and planets and satellites hovering in our sky seem to follow the same rules. Scientists and astronomers from these laws of Newton Let us accurately calculate every activity in our solar system. But when we go into the expanse of the whole space, then in some places these rules appear to be disturbed. Especially in the case of stars, planets and satellites, which are at the outer edge of our galaxy. Their speed appears to be exceptionally fast. The question of why they run so fast has puzzled astronomers for a long time. One theory was that gravity weakens as we go there, so the speed of stars increases there. puzzle solving This effort of the scien tists has led the scientists to a new hypothesis, which is still the biggest puzzle for science. Scientists came to the conclusion that there must be some invisible substance there, whose pressure is changing the speed of stars. From here began the hypothesis of 'dark matter', that is, a substance that cannot be seen, felt, has no weight or weight, neither absorbs any light, nor does it emit any light. It emits no radiation, it has nothing to do with any kind of radiation. five decades ago In this given hypothesis, it was said that it is dark matter, due to which many celestial bodies appear to be violating Newton's laws. Since then this dark matter has not been visible anywhere, but it has definitely become an important part of the calculations of physics. Scientists also came to the conclusion that 85 percent of this entire creation is dark matter. All scientists seem to be almost unanimous about this fact, but the riddle of the divergence of distant stars is not completely solved even by this. to solve this puzzle in a different way It was tried by Israeli scientist Mordhai Milgrom. He returned to the same old opinion that a weakening of the force of gravity changes the motion of stars. Along with this, he gave such a law of gravity, for which there was no need for any invisible matter. They have described how in these conditions the curve of the motion of the stars is changed, causing their speed to accelerate. With his theory, he was also able to explain under what conditions at what speed a star or celestial body would move. This new theory has been named 'Milgromian Dynamics'. It is actually a new extension of Isaac Newton's theory of gravity, which applies to the motion of distant stars and satellites of the Milky Way. The world around us is still running on the same dynamics, which Newton had explained three centuries ago. Vijay Garg Retired Principal Malout


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