Security Expert Reveals He Broke Into Datacenter via "Piss Corridor"

YB WEB DESK. Dated: 7/14/2022 6:56:34 AM

The most important concern for any individual or a huge datacentre holding thousands of gigabytes of data is security. With the advancement of technology, many security tools are used by companies to keep their data secure. But one security expert has found a unique "leak" in one of the datacentres, which allowed him to gain access to precious data. The security expert, Andrew Tierney, posted a detailed thread on Twitter to explain how he gained physical access to the datacentre using "piss corridor". Mr Tierney, who works at security firm Pen Test Partners, claimed in the tweets that this was one of his most notable exploits. He posted a diagram to demonstrate the unidentified facility's distinct restroom areas for the general office space and the secure portion where the IT infrastructure is situated. However, the two restrooms were connected, and Mr Tierney discovered a shared access passage for servicing the toilets that ran behind both sets of cubicles.


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