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These are the acupressure points for ear infection. Working on these points can help you get better faster. You do not have to use all of these points. Using just one or two of them whenever you have a free hand can be effective. Acupressure Point ST7 — Xia Guan Chinese Name: 下關 Location: at the lower border of the zygomatic arch, in the depression anterior to the condyloid process of the mandible when the mouth is closed. Benefits: deafness, tinnitus, ear infection, tooth ache, facial paralysis, pain in the face, t.m.j. Pain. Acupressure Point SI19 — Ting Gong Chinese Name: 聽宮 Location: anterior to the tragus and posterior to the condyloid process of the mandible, in the depression formed when the mouth is open. Benefits: deafness, tinnitus, ear infection, toothache, t.m.j. Pain. Acupressure Point TH5 — Wai Guan Chinese Name: 外關 Location: three finger width above wrist crease on the dorsal side. Benefits: headaches, pain in the cheek, jaw, TMJ problems, deafness, ringing in the ears, sensation of plugged ear, earache, pain behind the ear, pain in the hand, arthritis of the hands, hand tremor, to regulate abnormal heat sensation Acupressure Point LI11 — Qu Chi Chinese Name: 曲池 Location: On the top, outer end of the elbow crease.


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