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The OTT platforms are serving nudity to the extent which is limitless. Today every house hold especially upper middle class is shifting towards watching OTT, as they find them full of thrill and the pace of the shows move faster than the earlier ones. In early times talking about 10 years back, watching vulgar scenes in the front of family were taboo. But with these platforms, nudity is being served in every household. In a big market-driven setup like this, everything in demand is produced more. Indian content producers for some OTTs have focused predominantly on just a few genres. Many indigenous series are marked with genres of Crime, Mystery, Thriller, and Drama. Drama is a wholesome term used to encompass almost anything – for euphemism – which also includes erotic, fantasy, and soft porn. To cater the youth and why not oldies, OTT content is overwhelmed with graphic scenes and adult themes. A large part of online streaming media is R-rated. Although attaining accessibility for teenagers is no big deal. Since all of this go live uncensored, raw scenes and obscenity make an easy passage. With these platforms the Indian parents are now worried, as they have become used to watching OTT but at the same time most of the mothers are working. So the fear is obvious that they would watch these shows, when parents move out for work. So who is accountable? Parents or the authorities who can put some censorship on the shows being served to the Indian audience. Violence sells, so does sex and vulgarity in the Indian OTT market – serving the longings of the majority young population. Erotica has become the selling formula for OTTs. Bold and edgy shows have been aired and sold in huge numbers. Stories are woven around sex that contains loose characters, unsolicited sexual fantasies, and insane graphic nudity. The liberal, “progressive” and seemingly western stance of creators conflicts with the traditional Indian culture, giving rise to large public discomfort. Now it is high time that authorities keep an eye on what is being served to Indian audience.


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