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The number of animal lovers are increasing day by day but when we rear animals we need better medical facilities also. But the condition of veterinary Hospitals in the UT is not up to the mark. The condition of the government veterinary hospitals in district is in a pretty bad shape. People have an option to go to a private hospital for an advanced treatment, whereas condition of animals is even worse as they cannot be taken anywhere else for treatment. What is shocking is that these hospitals lack sufficient staff, doctors and medicines. Where the Funds released for veterinary developments go, no one knows. Most of these buildings are in dilapidated conditions. Most of these hospitals have no proper place to sit, no shelves to store medicines, and rats and maggots damage the material lying over in the clinic. The people who bring their pets for treatment often go back to private clinics because these hospitals lack basic facilities. People from all levels of economy come to the hospitals but it is really difficult for the poor to take their animals to the private clinic because these clinics charge a lot for even a small ailment. Most farmers depend on the animals like oxen for cultivating their crops and people depend on animals for milk, meat, eggs and other things. As such, authorities cannot be indifferent to the plight of animals. The authority should think of the poor farmers and the poor people who are dependent on the animals for their livelihood. The condition of hospitals have to be improved for the benefit of the poor and the benefit of people at large. The private clinics are minting huge amounts of money for the treatment of animals. Even the people who are having cats and dogs in their homes have complained that the private clinics are charging huge amount for the injections and the daily checkups. In that case the government should take care of the people at large and should have well-equipped infrastructure for the veterinary hospitals so that the people, the farmers, the citizens who have animals and who are animal lovers should freely visit the hospitals for the treatment of their animals.


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