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Anxiety, panic attacks, clinical depression are some words quite familiar amongst the general public worldwide. These words weren’t so common in the past before the significant technological developments and booming advancements witnessed at a global scale. Yet these problems have shown to confront the human population as a considerable threat in a matter of just a few decades. I’m not attempting to deny the existence of these problems through the past. Sure these problems have been persistent for some people through history given the trivial importance given to mental or psychological health at that time. The difference does not lie solely regarding the scale of awareness rather the scale of the spread of such problems, rapidly appearing as a prominent issue faced by a significant portion of the population at present. What has caused such an alarmingly sudden rise in the cases of mental illness beside body ailments on the steady soaring throughout the years? Humans have brilliantly managed to survive on Earth unlike any other species no matter the size or strength. It was the neurological and intellectual capabilities ingrained within the human brains which assisted humans to survive any situation. Contrary to this well-established fact, studies on topics such as neurology and human psychology initiated at a much later stage in the history of human development. Unquestionably, mental problems have proved to be a matter of grave concern furthermore it is this realisation has played a crucial role in promoting mental health during modern times. External factors like exploitation at the workplace, non-stop working hours, domestic work, financial insecurity, social pressure, peer pressure, social media impact the mental health of an individual in a negative undesired manner sometimes. Hence, limiting such factors is considered eminent for a healthy mind. Physical health and mental health go hand in hand, neglecting either of the two may prove to be lethal sometimes. A healthy body houses a healthy mind, providing the much-required break essential to refresh your senses, for your mind and soul to function optimally is a necessity in order to make better choices and decisions. A combination of physical and mental exercise can be a significant difference-maker to avoid any ailment whether physical or mental, managing to incorporate it in the form of a daily routine is even better to ensure a sound mind and body assuring better efficiency.


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