Tale of a messy road to ISBT Narwal

YB WEB DESK. Dated: 12/1/2020 12:46:12 PM

Jammu, Nov 30 The road to ISBT Narwal is in shambles. Arguably, the umpteen number of dents are conspicuous in the road that lead daily travelers in problem. These could result in accidents as well. It really becomes an issue when daily travelers ride through the road and such jerks are possibly hard to bear. ISBT is a place where several people have to visit. To travel from one place to another it is the focal point. But what worries is the dilapidated condition of the nearby road which reaches it. The road has not been improved by the Jammu Development Authority (JDA). The JDA acts as a lazy body in this case, which it must not. It must anon look into the matter as it could ease the problem of several visitors to ISBT. Development must the prime goal of JDA but in this case it seems lethargic to achieve any particular result. The most important factor that causes mess is the rain. Now-a-day when its winter, there is certain probability of rain which fills the pot holes of the road and gives birth to traffic. That could further result in traffic mess and cause late hours to the people riding from the place. Not only this the road could lead to the accidents owing to slip on it. The JDA must take the action in its hands. There are several places in Jammu which need the flavor of development. JDA cannot sit as an indolent body while others are suffering. It must pull up its socks and work towards definite goal. It must usher work at the minor level first and them follow the major track. The road that has made life of people miserable must be well maintained by JDA so as to prevent its prestige.


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