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Google Docs, Sheets Apps Get New Icons as Part of Workspace Revamp

Google Workspace is now rolling out new icons for Docs and Sheets as a part of an overhaul that was announced earlier this month. The new icons now have the shape of a full page, with a white background around it. The new design comes with version 1.20.422.01. Google has rebranded G Suite as Google Workspace, aiming to make it a one-stop location for all productivity apps. It has already rolled out updated icons for Google Meet, Google Chat, and Gmail apps. The design update was first spotted by 9to5Google. As part of the change, the earmark in the topright corner now appears darker. When seen closely, you'll notice that the Docs icon has one less line of text/ row and the Sheets icon has two less cells when compared to the previous versions. Furthermore, the icons now carry the shape of a full page and a white background. The publication says that “the apps have adopted the new design with version 1.20.422.01.” As mentioned, the update is a part of Google's strategy to provide a new user experience. Itre branded G Suite as Google Workspace and brought together tools like chat, email, voice as well as video.


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