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Ramnagar, Oct 26 Accusing the BJP of having failed to fulfil even a single promise made to its electorates during 2014 Assembly elections, Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister today said that coming elections would prove to be a waterloo for its fake and dishonest leaders. He said that those who had abused the public trust would not only be made accountable and answerable but appropriately replied and responded. He said that simmering underlying discontent was fast bursting into fury as was noticed in several Ramnagar villages where people were openly confronting the mandated leadership. “It’s not easy to deceive people. Today people remember each word spoken during elections, each action, each promise and each pledge. How hard we try, we can’t wipe the slate clean and erase the public memory with one new shot. You have to account for the Uturns that you took on your promises made during elections and on the strength of which you were voted to power”, roared Singh. He was addressing huge Public meetings in Rassaul, Marta, Battal, Babey during his two days tour of Ramnagar constituency. Alleging deprivation and neglect of rural and remote areas, farmers and youth by the erstwhile regime, Singh said that grim political regression of saffron rule shall continue to haunt the people of Jammu region. “None spoke for the educated youth of Jammu region who were subjected to the most hostile discrimination in services during the last few years. None of the mandated leaders could rake up the cause of daily rated and other casual and need based workers who were denied wages for years together. No MLA could raise his voice in Assembly against the anti Jammu stance taken by the Kashmir centric leadership on multifarious issues including holiday of Maharaja Hari Singh’s birthday, blatant discrimination against Jammu region and growing unemployment and so on. And none had the guts to confront the Kashmir based MLA who raised pro Pak slogans inside the Assembly,” said Singh. Charging the BJP MLAs of failure on all fronts, Singh said they could neither satisfy the people on developmental front nor could protect the honour and dignity of Dogras. Urging the masses to overthrow the failed leadership, Singh said that people had paid a very heavy price for voting these opportunist leaders who worked solely for their own loaves and fishes. These leaders only amassed wealth and worked for their own personal enrichment at the cost of public, said Singh. He assured the public to revive the developmental tempo in full swing in Ramnagar constituency once such self centred and corrupt politicians were shown the doors. Dozens of youth quit their respective political parties and joined NPP expressing their complete faith and confidence in the leadership of the party fighting tirelessly for the cause of Jammu region and its people.


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