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Jammu, Sept 24 Agriculture bills brought by Union Cabinet under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recently passed by both the Houses, will enable Farmers to have freedom for direct marketing of their produce and hence get better prices. Bills will also accelerate agricultural growth through private sector investment, create employment opportunities and strengthen the economy, said BJP. This was stressed by J&K BJP Vice-President Dr. Narinder Singh and BJP Chief Spokesperson Adv. Sunil Sethi accompanied by BJP Office Secretary Tilak Raj Gupta and BJP Media Incharge Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, while they were addressing a Press Conference at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu. Dr. Narinder Singh said that BJP lauds the farmer friendly, Agriculture Bills successfully brought by Union government under the leadership of Modi ji. He said that the BJP strongly and fondly welcomes the move to bring such historic reforms in agriculture sector that were dreamed by Indian farmers since decades. He stressed that 43% percent workers out of total 50 crore work-force are engaged in this sector but even then the sector undergoes worst phases. He said that we are one of the leading producers in the world but still lagging in the export, which is due to the mere 10% food processing available. He said through these reforms, besides existing APMC, the farmers are given the freedom to sale their produce directly to processing industries, wholesalers, exporters and retailers by negotiating at higher prices. The farmers will be benefitted by contract farming, where the agriculture based industries, exporters etc. will provide new technological innovations and guidance to them and they will also commit in agreement to pick the whole yield at agreed prices prior to production. Earlier we were food deficient but now we are food sufficient, the only need is to strengthen our farmers by empowering them through these reforms, he added. Adv. Sunil Sethi said that these bills enable the farmers to get the price of the crop even before the actual yield. He said that all the farmers are welcoming this move, but Congress is totally involved in doing dark politics on the issue. He mentioned that Congress has stated similar agriculture reforms in its election manifesto. But now Congress is trying to instigate gullible farmers by misleading them over the issue. He stated that these bills will strengthen the economic condition of the farmers which earlier degraded due to the obvious reasons. He said that these reforms will open the market, so that farmers could get the good and appreciable price of their crop yield. He also mentioned that Government has also framed many other policies for helping the farmers like “Kissan Nidhi Yojna”, “Fasal Bima Yojna”, procuring fertilizers & seeds at reasonable rates, took bold stance on MSP etc.


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