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Seventeen members of the Lok Sabha have tested positive for coronavirus in the mandatory tests carried out before the monsoon session of parliament started this morning. Among the infected MPs, the BJP has a maximum number -- 12. The YSR Congress has two MPs, the Shiv Sena, DMK and RLP one each. This is a clear indication that each one of us is vulnerable to be infected by the virus. We have no idea who is infected and who not. The parliamentarians live under tight security and follow all the precautions, and if the are not safe then who is? The mandatory test was carried on them before monsoon session. As a result many were found infected, similarly if the mandatory test are conducted on each individual, then no one will have idea on numbers. The thing which we all can do is to follow the safety measures, and there is no other possible method to escape from the virus. In J&K with the RTAs being carried out door to door, there is a surge in positive cases, with each passing day, the numbers are increasing many fold. The time is not to panic. The hospitals are full now, the govt has instructed to follow self isolation at homes only. On Sunday 1686 new positive cases of novel Corona virus (COVID-19), 875 from Jammu division and 811 from Kashmir division, have been reported today thus taking the total number of positive cases in Jammu and Kashmir to 54096. Also 14 COVID-19 deaths have been reported; 08 from Jammu division and 06 from Kashmir Division. The only way to protect from COVID-19 is by maintaining physical distance of at least 2 meter from others, frequently cleaning hands with an alcohol based hand sanitizer or washing them with soap and water and following good respiratory etiquette and hygiene. As a measure for social distancing in public places and workplaces wearing a face cover is compulsory. Early detection of COVID-19 can prevent the spread of disease so we need to be responsible for the well-being of ourselves and everyone around us. Not disclosing symptoms could put life of individuals and their families at risk. In case of symptoms like fever, cough and difficulty in breathing report early. Do not fear, call COVID-19 helpline numbers and seek medical advice People should not step out of home, unless absolutely necessary. If you have to move out for unavoidable reasons, ensure that you wear a mask and practice social distancing, personal hygiene and frequent hand washing with soap and water. Remember, precation is the only way to escape from virus.


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