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Jammu, Aug 3 JKRCEA in an open letter appealed to PM for implementing promises made to reserved categories while abrogating article 370 and have urged to implement reservation in promotions. JKRCEA retired, socio-religious and youth wing in a largely attended press conference said that on 5th August 2019 while abrogating article 370 both PM & HM of the country said it on record that “Dhara 370 Kaa Khatama Jammu Kashmir Maine Ek Naya Itihas Likhyega” and all the constitutional rights for reserved categories shall be extended by way of constitutional guarantees as article 370 was a stumbling block in extending these guarantees. It was also promised to take care of WPR and Balmikis of J&K. 65% SCs/STs/OBCs of J&K saw a ray of hope but after exactly one year, with painful heart we are compelled to declare that the Abrogation of Article 370, loss of Statehood of J&K and failure of all promises made by the Central Government turned out to be false and hence severely breached the trust bestowed upon by the reserved categories of J&K. The fuel to the fire has been added by untamed bureaucracy of J&K UT who neither care for your dictate nor constitutional guarantees. If similar state of affairs continues, SCSTOBCs shall be teaching a good lesson to the ruling dispensation in the days to come. Prof. G.L. Thapa while addressing the media said that SCs/STs and OBCs pinned hope that after the abrogation of article 370 there shall be extension of all the Constitutional provisions to J&K including Article 16 (4-A, B & C) and SC/ST Atrocities Act as well as Mandal Commission Report as per central laws but nothing of that sort happened on ground. Reservation in Promotions is not being restored in spite of Supreme Court STAY on High Court Order, Presidential Order dated 01-03-2019, and implementation of Jammu & Kashmir Reorganization Act 2019 wherein Jammu & Kashmir Reservation Act of 2004 stands protected. Sham Lal Basson, while addressing said that as promised by PM in his capacity as OBC, the implementation of Mandal Commission Report still has to see light of the day. Earlier the share of state OBCs was given to unconstitutionally carved RBA category (20%) and OBCs/OSCs were given only 2%. But after abrogation of Article 370, instead of giving 27% share to state OBCs in education and employment it was given to Paharis and people living on International Border. Probably the people sitting in PMO are miscommunicating the ground realities that can lead to political damage to BJP in J&K. Bodh Raj Bhagat, while addressing the press conference said that a big fraud has been done with Balmiki Community of J&K since 73 years, the then Maharaja of erstwhile J&K State brought Balmiki community from outside the state for taking care of inhumane job but they were not made state subjects in spite of the fact that many Aggarwals, Jains and other upper caste communities got benefit of statehood from Maharaja and political governments from time to time. Mohinder Bhagat while deliberating on the issue of domicile certificate labeled it as mockery with the PRC holders. He said that a Permanent Residents of State should not stand in queue and roam about in the Tehsils for getting domicile certificate and PRCs should be considered as Domicile itself. Others who attended press conference include M.L. Banalia, Sunita Bangotra, T.C. Bavouria, Som Raj Taroch, Samsher Chand Ballon, Bharat Hans, Bahadur Lal, Manohar Lal, Narinder Dutt, Raspal Bhardwaj, Pritam Singh, Manoj Kumar, Vishal Bhagat, Rakesh Attri, Sham Kalsi, Vikas Kalsi, Manohar Lal, Hans Raj, Kewal Krishan Fotra, Shashi Verma, Darshan Mehra, Vikas Bhardwaj, G.L. Rahi and many others.


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