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Jammu, July 31 Addressing the gathering during the occasion, Head of Departments of J&K Grameen Bank conveyed their heartfelt congratulations and good wishes for their retiring Authorities. The strong leadership trait of the Chairman, Janak Raj Angural, of involving each and every employee and his role in implementing various welfare measures for the staff were widely acknowledged. Also, the management style of outgoing General Manager, DK Bali, was appreciated for its simplicity and timely guidance. JKGB fraternity expressed their gratitude towards the Authorities that their contribution to this premier institution is exemplary which will be remembered by generations of J&K Grameen Bank. In his valedictory speech, Chairman said that the Bank where it stands today is the result of persistent hard work and passion of the employees of the Bank over the years who have laid the foundation for a progressive institution. He personally recalled all the revered employees of J&K Grameen Bank with whom he worked & learnt over the years and he expressed his gratitude for the support and cooperation that was offered to him during his stint as Chairman as well as General Manager of the Bank. He said he believes in the strong culture of mentorship that was promoted during his tenure and urged upon today's leaders to revive and enhance the concept of mentoring employees of any grade during various assignments and building a strong culture of collective spirit of growth. He further added "the welfare and secure future of employees and their families was always the most important agenda for him and he felt highly satisfied with the various steps and new schemes that were undertaken particularly towards both working and retired employees”. General Manager in his speech, thanked JKGB fraternity for the love, support and respect showered upon him which enabled him to perform his duties efficiently. He said that on this emotional day, he is feeling short of words to be expressed in this forum and ended his speech with a wish for remarkable growth and development of JKGB as an institution.


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