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Rich heritage and lost pavilions! The people of Jammu have to live for their customs and traditions!

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 10/10/2017 10:44:05 AM

Major Kulbir Singh!
Jammu, Oct 9
Development is a catch word and in the name of the development lot many things are happening on the positive side.
On the negative we are tending to forget our rich cultural heritage and traditions. Down the ages Jammu has become bigger, resourceful (if human resources are to be considered and more trendy (as far as the fashion goes) and more technology oriented. Had this not been the case a fourteen year old kid from Rajauri would not have worked wonders on the computers. He made such a thing that even Mark Zuckerberg would have been proud of him. Its all very good but with all these good things happening we are failing on one front and that is we are forgetting our rich cultural heritage and famous traditions. Needless to mention fast food culture has taken over the home made food. Such is the fury of materialism that even the lady wives are not prepared to prepare meals since they find it tedious. Gone are the days when the ladies used to get up early in the morning, clean the house, wash the day old utensils and wake up every one sleeping for the morning cup of tea. The granny used to ask the men, women and children to get up and clean their teeth with Datuns (well an old time teeth cleaning handy wooden brush) and then offer mandatory prayers to Gods and have breakfast cooked on an indigenously made fire place. Everything has vanished as the time has rolled on. Those who are still in that age are considered outdated. Yes agreed that work… and work has taken over our psyche and it is a good thing but the fact is that in this syndrome also we can find time to study are past. We have to inculcate this from the very beginning in our children. The past continues into the present and the present into the future. What will a child with no scruples teach to his kids? I thing ‘Trash’ would be a better word to sum it all up.
With people of different cultures streaming into Jammu in waves we can be rest assured that at the moment we are finding ourselves in the middle of nowhere and it is possible that in the future we will be nowhere. Trust me it is going to happen.
Its not that we cannot react but for reaction too we need our own home to be on the lines of principle based on rich and traditional past of ours. If we let the outsiders to get into our homes for a few monetary bills more then its going to be a camel and tent story which we will find if we read Aesop. (I am very sure that most of us do not who Aesop was). Instead of wasting time on Face book to reach something faster we can read. Panchtantra and Jataka tales are a few more books about which we have lost track off. Sorry for being expressive but it is a fact. No one lives for ever, had anyone lived then family trees would have been unnecessary I think. Let me be honest, we are on a trip to the world of disaster. In case we do not wake up now then we should consider ourselves as dried, dusted and rotten piece of wood. Think it over since I am shutting up now. I will be back again tomorrow, to rack your brains. Keep smiling although!


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