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Talk Show with Naresh Trehan –II

Abha Gupta. Dated: 10/6/2017 1:07:57 PM

Continuing our weekly feature Talk- show we are here again with the eminent personality of the health care in India, Dr Naresh Trehan. He informed a lot about the various developments in the field of Health sector including the heart treatments.
Here are the excerpts of his exclusive interview.
Vikas Sharma
VS: What have been some of the key developments in field of cardiology in past two decades in India?
NT: Last two decades have witnessed a paradigm shift. Cardiac care has reached to various cities other than metros, and even in smaller towns.
The technological advancement in medical field has also added to this. But we need to be careful about this mushrooming of health centres. Treatment of heart disease is a subject of great care and complications should be taken up only by highly trained professionals.
Nowadays, people who aren’t trained properly use patients as research subjects. For cardiac ailments, one has to be more agile and alert because any uncalled for treatment

can be highly dangerous.
VS: What is the potential of medical tourism in India?
NT: At present, medical tourism is a $2.5 billion industry in India and if few things are taken care of by the government, it can increase at a breathtaking rate of 15-20 percent.
India has established itself as an affordable healthcare destination for the people of Central Asia, Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, African countries and to some extent European and American countries as well because in their countries, high quality healthcare costs fortune.
Open heart surgery, kidney transplant, liver transplant and even heart transplants are some of the reasons that prompt medical tourists to come to India. But things are changing now.
VS: Despite India emerging as one of the finest medical tourism destination, the numbers aren’t really impressive, why?
NT: Yes, it is true that despite India emerging as one of the finest medical tourism destination, the numbers aren’t really impressive. Dubai and Thailand, arguably, are giving us a tough competition also because living standards are better here. This is where government should pitch in.
A medical tourist wouldn’t only contribute to country’s economy while getting treatment, but much like a normal tourist, he will visit the places in country after getting treatment. Therefore, his contribution to Indian economy is quite significant.
The government needs to work towards creating an environment in which an outsider feels safe. Only then, India will be able to survive the competition and live up to its reputation of being one of the finest medical tourist destinations globally.
VS: Are you happy with quality of doctors that are coming out today of the medical schools?
NT: Actually, today, the medical education has become a scam in India with rampant corruption.
Anybody in India today can get into a medical school and become an MBBS doctor irrespective of his capabilities and educational credentials. The government needs to take care of this.
First of all, no school with fake credentials should be given license to operate; and secondly, the government should keenly monitor the quality of medical education that’s being imparted.
The government should ensure that no compromise whatsoever is done in this regard because it’s matter of people’s lives.
VS: India again has become number one in exporting doctors to the West. Is it having any adverse effect on country’s healthcare sector?
NT: Yes, it is adversely affecting the healthcare sector. Because when people with high quality of education and capabilities go out, country’s healthcare is bound to suffer. This exodus also contributes in making quality healthcare services dearer.
The government needs to work towards reversing the trend of brain drain. Enough facilities should be given to them, so that they see a bright future in India instead of West.
VS: What are your views about field of medical research in India, and how do you compare it with West? What measures have been taken in Medanta to promote medical research?
NT: Medical research in India is going through a rough patch. In pursuit of copying the West, we have forgotten that our requirement is different and far greater than that of West.
West is advanced and disciplined in this regard. Medical research is handled with maturity and care. But in India, field of medical research is in shambles.
We talk about quality healthcare for Indians at an affordable price but this can’t happen unless, the government lays emphasis on medical research to produce quality medicine in India.


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