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Extend helping hand to needy

Young Bites. Dated: 10/5/2017 11:20:13 AM

If people are really concerned about helping the poor and needy, why not employ the adult family members and offer them good salaries and work benefits so that their kids can have a better life. Children are meant to have fun and enjoy life, not be burdened by responsibilities. They shouldn’t have to will away their childhood working in nasty and dingy conditions. Adults are the ones who have to provide.One must understand that all work is not bad or exploitive for children. In fact, certain jobs can help in enhancing the overall personality of a child. For instance, children delivering newspapers prior to going to school, when they are given pocket money earning oriented tasks, they learn the value of money and respect it even more. While these are the positive aspects, the actual universal problem with child labor is the widespread exploitation and dangerous working conditions these children are put through. Childhood is a time for fun and frolic. It is a time to make memories and enrich our lives. But sadly, not everyone’s childhood is free from responsibilities and worries. Many young innocent faces are forced to be covered by grime and dust because their small shoulders are burdened with the responsibility of providing for their families. While poor families may see child labour as a means to end their poverty, it robs children of their future. In our society as well, one can see small kids being employed for various purposes. Most of these kids are forced to work for meager salaries and in hazardous conditions.The increase in child labour is not because of poverty and illiteracy alone. It is also because of the apathy of the government which does not take concrete steps to control this vice and keeps neglecting important social issues. Despite knowing that child labour is banned, may urban families employ small children as domestic help. This is justified in the name of helping poor destitute families who will otherwise starve. This is not only inhuman but unethical as well. Children should be worried about toys and chocolates not money and bills. For many families in our society, children are their only means of income and banning child labour will rob them of their means of livelihood. But this doesn’t mean that kids will be forced to work for meager wages. They should be ensured the same benefits as any adult employee. As far as their education is concerned, knowing basic alphabet and being able to read and write will suffice. Having a degree doesn’t guarantee you a job. Child labour may be a financial necessity for some families especially those who have no other means of income. Poverty is what forces children to work for a living. Also if the parents aren’t that educated, it is more likely that the child will start working before completing his education. This may be tragic but it is the truth. Ignorance is one of the main problems; ignorance on the part of the parents who believe that with the children working, their poverty will be eradicated and ignorance on the part of the children about their rights. The conditions in which these children are made to work are inhuman and the meager salaries they are paid is simply adding insult to injury. Governments and child welfare organisations should work hand in hand and ensure these children get to experience a childhood they deserve.


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