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Osho, Recently I have heard you talking a great deal about trust toward the master and existence as being a higher quality than love which can betray more easily. When I try to chew upon the word trust I feel lost. In the past, trusting was more or less connected to certain incidents only. It happened to me in some discourses without my doing anything, or because of that non-doing, that I saw myself disappearing. There was no word for it; I can’t name it ’love’ or ‘trust’. It happened more like a melting. With you I experience for the first time in my life moments of fearless let-go without desperately trying to find something to hold on to. Please help me to go this way more and more. A trustworthy person is needed, and there are no trustworthy persons any- where. Nobody trusts anybody. Hence trust has become a dry word, inexperi- enced; just a word with no juice, with no taste. “When I use the word trust it is totally different. I don’t mean you trust some- body who is trustworthy; that is not trust. The man is trustworthy, so it is not a credit to you. When I say trust, I say trust in spite of the man – whether he is trustworthy or not. In fact when he is not trustworthy, then to trust. And only then will you find for the first time something new arising in your consciousness. And then trust will become a very lighted phenomenon, far more superior to love, because it needs nothing from the other... “When you trust somebody in spite of the person, then you will feel a totally different kind of energy than is described in your dictionaries and than ordinarily is used in the world. – that is objective: the trustworthiness of the other person.


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