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Dr. Kaviraj Khialani Celebrity Master Chef Produced by soaking & grinding soy beans, bringing the mix to a boil and then filtering out the particulates and this is how it emerges and further it is a stable emulsion of oil, water & protein. I often come across queries where people tend to ask if soy milk is a good option in our daily life with regards to culinary and international cooking in various recipes etc, and does it kind of give out the similar output as the regular milk would do? The concept is pretty simple before we adapt to any change we need to first fully accept change! that is how life becomes 80% easy and for the rest 20% keep exploring is the way of life. Recently I also enjoyed a cuppa of turmeric latte made with soy milk and it was simply awesome! Some people also always had a concern about its little pre-dominant taste and flavor, it is easy to overcome that as well with a few tricks in the kitchen by adding our spices, herbs and natural ingredients i t just works fine. Here is an interesting recipe using soy milk! Recipe- Soy Avocado Shake Ingredients Soy milk- 400 ml Avocado-1 no. Fresh mint- 4 to 5 leaves Green cardamom powder- 1 pinch Apricots- 3 to 4 chopped Sliced cashews- 1 tbsp. Method: 1. Prepare all the ingredients for the shake 2. Peel the avocado, remove the stone and use the flesh part. 3. In a blender jar, combine together all the ingredients 4. Run the mixer to blend all very well, to a smooth texture. 5. Pour the healthy shake into a tall glass, garnish with fresh mint/ nuts/ any seeds like flax seeds or assorted chia/ pumpkin etc. Serve chilled. Chefs Variations: Try the same health drink with additions like berries/ walnuts/ papaya instead of avocado, pine nuts in place of cashews.


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