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* Pakistan has once again found itself in the international spotlight due to political mismanagement & continued obsession with India. Two significant incidents have underscored the challenges, shedding light on the fragile political landscape & continued intervention of military.

* First incident involves widespread outages that have affected internet services. Users from various parts reported connection errors & disruptions. Timing of these outages has raised concerns about the stability of country's political environment, with critics pointing to the vulnerability of the democratic process.

* There is much talk about the upcoming book 'Anger Management: The Troubled Diplomatic Relationship Between India and Pakistan' by former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan Ajay Bisaria. Author has revealed what transpired between India & Pakistan between Feb 26-28, 2019 after Balakot surgical strike.

* The book for readers will be a good read & reveal how Modi’s strong response to terror policy of Pakistan has ended the decades of black mail policies. As these events unfold, questions are raised about Pakistan's ability to navigate its internal political challenges


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