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Lockdown made many kids addicted to mobiles and laptops. Suspected Bulli Bai’ app creator is 20-year-old boy who had 153 porn film downloads and lewd, sexual content in his laptop. The evidence in his laptop suggest Bishnoi is a “porn addict” and “has abnormal desires towards elderly women of a particular community. Bishnoi was introduced to the virtual world at the age of 15 and first hacked a website a year later, as “revenge”, after his sister was denied admission by a school. “At the age of 16, he first hacked a school’s website when his sister didn’t get admission. A student of BTech in Computer Science Engineering at VIT, Bhopal, Bishnoi is currently in police custody. The 20-year-old has been suspended by his college, following his arrest. Parents have to learn from this incident. They should regularly monitor the behaviour of the kids. This boy locked himself in his room since 2020. His parents were not aware what all he was doing on his laptop. According to police sources, the code script of the Bulli Bai app has been recovered from his laptop — a high-end gaming machine, with a heady duty graphic card. Sources claimed the laptop only had games and porn. “He is a porn addict and he has also revealed it during interrogation about it. The data suggests that he has certain abnormal desires for women elder to him, from a certain age group, belonging to a certain community. Those who know Bishnoi personally, also claim him to be a “loner”, someone who is more active in the virtual world than in the real one around him. The probe so far has revealed that Bishnoi is addicted to the internet and his laptop, claimed sources. They also claimed that the 20-year-old is accustomed to creating fake accounts and user handles on social media platforms. Bishnoi has said that he doesn’t talk to anyone much in the outside world, that he doesn’t like to talk to anyone and that he has no friends in the real world. His only interactions are under assumed names and identities in the virtual world. His day starts and ends with the internet and laptop. The kids who have isolated themselves from the real world and have entered the virtual world need lot of counselling. The parents have to be much aware of their kids behaviours, their activities, their likings and dislikings.


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