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Jammu, Oct 16 Kuldeep Kumar Rao an active member of Movement for Peace, Equality & Justice, in a press statement issued here said that all successive Centre as well as state governments is responsible of this present situation of J&K in general & Kashmir valley in particular. He wondered as to how such leaders & Political Parties shall continue to throw dust in the eyes of common man & grind their own axe for furthering their political interests. the release said and added that these leaders while in power vehemently remain busy in promoting that “J&K is integral part of India” & “It is the only country where Muslims can breathe in free air as compared to other so called Islamic Countries like Syria, Pakistan or Afghanistan etc where one sect of Muslims kill another sect of Muslims every hour but no one can complain and it is only in India that an iota of injustice done to Muslims by mistake invites a great resentment both as from Muslims and from Hindus.” & waste no time in harping that Kashmir problem needs to be solved politically once they remain out of power. Their languages differ when they are in power and out of power. Such persons are not worth to be considered but to be thrown to dust and ashes. The poor Kashmiris’ have always been exploited by these selfish Kashmiri politicians by dirty techniques of showing Pakistani salt and green cloth to win the election. This is the reason of Kashmiri politicians’ double speak, who speak different languages in Kashmir and out of Kashmir; when they are in power and out of power keeping in view their own interests, selfishness simply to grind their own axe without caring a fig about the blood being spilled on streets of their own children, Jawans, kith & kins. The main cause of the present situation in India including in J&K is due to the high-level political corruption which gave rise to the militancy, gang rapes, murders, the drugs smuggling, the adulteration in food items, the fake medicines, price rise & corruption in offices at low level etc, he said. He further said that the Grand alliance of corrupt parties is not the right viable alternative that is responsible for all types of problems/present crises in J&K. They all are not saviour of democratic Institutions LIKE Panchayati Raj Act. 1989 or Art.370 or 35-A, but all are the real killers of these Institutions & they have simply exploited the sentiments of people in the garb of Art. 370 & 35-A to enhance their political interests. They all are the chips of the same block. He appealed the general public of J&K to think about over the following important points: - those Great visionaries are a gift from God which cannot be created by human efforts. We cannot establish any institute for creating a 2nd Gandhi, 2nd Tagore, a second Einstein or a second Darwin etc. Such great persons are a phenomenon in themselves and we should highly value their existence. It is no exaggeration if we say that Arvind Kejriwal is also one of such unique personalities. When he resigned from his service with the aim of serving his countrymen and for launching a crusade against all evils of present day politics, he was scoffed at by the corrupt politicians who shamelessly told him that he had no right to challenge the elected representatives and that if he wanted reforms, he should get elected and then start his campaigns with that status at his back. He accepted the challenge & showed thrice his grit and capability as a leader of the common masses. His second unprecedented victory was because of the sincere & efficient work that he did during his first stint of 49 days as Chief Minister of Delhi. Now as Chief Minister he has succeeded in reducing corruption & streamlining the administration & has not only improved the priority sectors Education & Health in Delhi but has also reduced the electric & water charges of the poor people of Delhi. He has a team of dedicated & honest workers. The Aam Aadmi Party has been formed only with the view of bringing about a political change & will recruit only untainted people into its fold. Let us use our own rationality & be not swayed away by false propaganda of Congress & BJP against Kejriwal.


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